16 November 2017

Penyederhanaan tarif listrik yang menyisakan tanda tanya

Beberapa waktu belakangan ini, perhatian saya tertuju dengan berita tentang rencana PLN menyederhanakan tarif listrik. Jika benar dilaksanakan, maka kelompok pengguna non-subsidi 900 VA, 1300 VA, dan 2200 VA akan diupgrade secara cuma-cuma dan dimasukkan ke dalam satu kelompok pengguna 4400VA 5500 VA. Setelah diupgrade, maka kelompok non-subsidi 900VA, 1300VA, dan 2200VA otomatis menjadi tidak ada lagi.

Secara kasat mata, kenaikan daya listrik secara cuma-cuma memang menarik. Tanpa biaya tambahan, pelanggan akan bisa menggunakan lebih banyak peralatan listrik tanpa harus khawatir kekurangan daya. 

11 November 2017

Capturing Tebet: a place where I was born, raised, and currently live

www.adityafajar.com - tebet
I live in a residential area called "Tebet". It's located in the south part of Jakarta, and like many other places in the city, Tebet is a dense and heavily populated. It is a mix of residential and business area where small shops, banks, and traditional markets can be found in close proximity to each other.

Before knowing how to use a camera, I never really give a thought about taking pictures of Tebet and consider it just a place to live. But it all changes when I discovered photography. Things started to look different, and my eyes are drawn to objects that I previously overlooked.

10 November 2017

Things I capture when not photographing people

Sometimes when not photographing people, I will look around my surrounding for interesting stuff. It can be on the ground, stuck on the walls, or up in the sky. Here, are some photos that I discovered in no particular order after digging into my photo collection from a few years back.