11 Nov 2017

Capturing Tebet: a place where I was born, raised, and currently live

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I live in a residential area called "Tebet". It's located in the south part of Jakarta, and like many other places in the city, Tebet is a dense and heavily populated. It is a mix of residential and business area where small shops, banks, and traditional markets can be found in close proximity to each other.

Before knowing how to use a camera, I never really give a thought about taking pictures of Tebet and consider it just a place to live. But it all changes when I discovered photography. Things started to look different, and my eyes are drawn to objects that I previously overlooked.

Since Tebet is still primarily a residential area, one public transport mode available to the people is the three-wheeled-moped like this, called "Bajaj". The model in this picture is actually discontinued and replaced with the blue coloured ones because it is cleaner and quieter. The orange Bajaj uses a two-stroke engine and they are notoriously loud and smokey.

Although Tebet is increasingly considered as a prime residential complex due to its proximity to the central business district, there are lots needed to be done to improve its public facilities. Including waterways, which often filled with trash and produce a foul smell.

I am grateful to live in Tebet because this area is still relatively green. Trees are still abundant when compared to the rest of the city and local parks in Tebet are also attracting people from outside Tebet to visit. Especially on weekends for exercise.

I will continue capturing Tebet and documenting the life of its inhabitants even though at times things can look too familiar and mundane. It is because I'm sure that, in time, I will look back to the pictures again and reminiscing how Tebet looked like during the time when I was younger.

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